Dependable Pipe Fitting Services in Fernie

Gas Fitting

Any installation, modification or replacement of gas lines or appliances, whether it is commercial or residential must be done by a certified gas contractor, licensed gas fitter and gas permit must be obtained from BC Safety Authority. With over 20 different gas permit applications, it is our duty to ensure that each application meets or exceeds regulations and codes for everyone’s safety. If you need reliable pipe fitting services in Fernie, reach out to Stratton Plumbing & Heating.


Stratton has been providing gas fitting services for over 20 years for industrial, commercial and residential clients. We are a leading contractor for new construction and remodeling projects and our fully licensed and bounded gas fitters ensure a perfect job the first time.


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Pipe Fitting

Industrial or commercial, our pipefitters lay out, fabricate, assemble, maintain and repair piping systems which carry steam, water, chemicals and/or fuel used in heating, cooling, lubricating and other processes. Starting with blueprints, drawings and/or specifications, then determining the type of pipe needed, laying out the sequence of steps on each project, having all the tools necessary to cut, thread, groove, bend, assemble and install metal, plastic and fiberglass pipes, valves and fittings, ensure that Stratton completes each job on time, safely and efficiently.

Stratton is recognized by the ITA pipefitter apprentice program.

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Pipe Fusing

When it comes to fusing HDPE pipe, its application requires widespread performance. Our people have the knowledge, skills and the equipment to fuse HDPE pipe under any condition that meets compliance requirements. Our fusing techniques range from butt fusion and speciality pipe in many diameters to fast fusion equipment in a wide variety of applications.

Our equipment is capable of fusing all sizes of HDPE pipe. As one of the Elk Valley’s leading service contractors, the addition of fusing services to our plumbing and heating services provides our customers with multiple solutions they can depend on.

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Heat Tracing, Insulation & Cladding

With harsh climates, Stratton understands the need for different applications in industrial, commercial and residential jobs.

There are many different reasons for insulating. The number one reason is reducing energy consumption. Below is a list of other reasons.


  1. Protects equipment
  2. Increases efficiency
  3. Prevents condensation
  4. Maintains and withstands extreme temperatures
  5. Guards against excess heat in fire hazard areas
  6. Reduces the risk of surface temperature for personal protection


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