HVAC Installation Services in Fernie

Stratton Plumbing and Heating provides ventilation products for Industrial, Commercial and Residential clients. We also provide HVAC installation services in Fernie

A good ventilation system providing fresh air for your home or workplace is important for your health and comfort. Keep your family and employees safe from indoor pollutants that can be a greater health risk than outdoor air pollution. Stratton also recommends installing a good ventilation system to help prevent mould and mildew caused by locked-in humidity.

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Ventilation – Fabrication and Installation

Stratton has a full-service sheet metal shop for custom work perfectly crafted to fit any heating ventilation system. The sheet metal team here at Stratton is fully qualified, providing services to industrial, commercial and residential clients.

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Make-up Air Units

Direct Fired Make-up Air units are designed to deliver tempered make-up air for locations that require frequent air changes.

Make-up air units are commonly found in applications where a structure’s interior requires the constant instruction of 100% outside air and the existing interior air cannot be recirculated.

A number of variables go into makeup air unit/system design.

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Duct Work

Heating and/or cooled air travels through the duct work in your house or business. Statistics state that 63% of homes have some type of duct work issue that is reducing efficiency. It is calculated that a 15% return air leak in the duct work in an unconditioned area like your attic or crawl space can easily reduce efficiency up to 46%.

There are a variety of duct work materials that can be installed; this would depend on the set up of your home, or the location.

With our complete sheet metal shop, we can provide full service to any commercial or residential client, small or large project. We can customize our work to fit your renovations or retrofit, as well as install any system you need for new construction.

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Roof Top Units

Roof top unites and systems can be installed in various configurations providing single or multi-zone heating, cooling and ventilation. These units are installed to address today’s comfort demands, superior indoor quality, and minimize energy consumption.

A roof top unit’s use of recirculated air can provide tremendous energy savings.

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We also provide custom sheet metal work and gas pipe fitting for industrial and commercial clients.

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